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BABU Trekking & Tour Guide


My name is Baburam, just call me Babu. I live in Pokhara (Nepal) and have over 15 years experience in the Himalayas! I love my job more than anything else, because the nature and the mountains are my second home – this is my world

I would welcome guests from all over the world and that makes my job of something exciting, varied and instructive too! For my guests I always give the best personalized according to your wishes and ideas. It is also very important to me, to share as much as possible about «my Nepal» the culture and of course about the people living here.

I am looking forward to your inquiry, thank you for the interest and confidence and I hope to be soon your own personal mountain guide in Nepal.

Doris Buehlmann

Your contact in Switzerland



Hello and Namaste,
I am Doris and I live near Zurich. I recently spent 6 months in Nepal and am very excited about country, people and culture! So warm cheerful, hospitable and helpful people I have rarely experienced... including Babu, the trekking guide: spontaneous, reliable and trustworthy – therefore I have several treks and tours taken with him and each time it was a special experience! I was able to gather from Nepal so many impressions and experiences and take as much instructive home ... priceless and I am heartily GRATEFUL!

I am looking forward to many exciting and educational meetings... just contact me... I am already looking forward to YOU! My desire is to help somehow... and to make people happy!